Love... Meditate... Silence... I Feel Good... I Want To Learn & Grow... I Am Authentic... I Make A Positive Difference... I Am Connected.... I Am Relaxed... I Am Creative... I Have An Open Mind.... I Take Care of My Body... I Live in the Present... I Love... I Trust.... I Attract.... I Am Postive... I Care... I Let Go...

Advanced Mind/Body Meditative Massage Therapy:

This Advanced Mind/Body Treatment is proven to promote peaceful relaxation, reduce anxiety levels, enhance focus, positive and creative thinking.These powerful stress relief techniques are a way to help you relieve your stress level’s, shows you how to “control the chatter in your mind” and maintain a calm approach to help you overcome, or at least cope with changes and challenges at any age.
Session includes:

Brief Consultation, Massage Therapy with Hot Stones and aromatherapy, followed by Therapeutic Touch (Reiki) to unblock the body’s energy centers, while guiding you through your own Personal Meditation using Guided Imagery and Progressive Relaxation Techniques to enhance the Mind/Body Connection.
Imagine your own personal guided meditation session designed specifically to your needs while receiving a chakra balancing to create the natural flow of energy for your mental/physical and spiritual well being and an indulgent massage to soothe achy muscles.

75-minute Session:  $150.00
Package of 3 Sessions: $375.00
($450.00 Value)

About Meditative Massage

About Meditative Massage

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