Why Meditate?

We begin to notice and trust our inner voice because we have learned to become “present in the moment”. It is within this stillness of mind that our “inner wisdom and intuition” are permitted to be heard, hence the saying: “the answers reside within”.

I like to describe Meditation as the “Pilates or Yoga for the Mind and Soul”. In the same manner a Pilate’s workout or Yoga practice strengthens your “physical” core, providing you with poise and good posture; Meditation strengthens the “core” of your brain and your spirit, teaching you an “inner composure” that is the basis for a healthy self-esteem and a positive outlook on life.The results provide you with a self confidence that radiates this outward flow of peaceful joy to everyone around you. Your positive attitude becomes contagious and people welcome your grounded presence.
Do you have time to meditate? Of course you do. Once you see how easy it is and how huge the payoff is, you will most definitely find 15-minutes a day to dedicate to your body by nourishing your mind and feel the ripple effects of restoring your body into its natural rhythm of replenishing itself through relaxing the stressors and mental demands of our everyday life. Meditating before bedtime is a perfect opportunity for those pressed for time during the day.


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Meditate Me

Why Meditate?

It’s quite simple…meditation makes us feel peaceful, relaxed and happy! As we begin to learn the practice of meditation, we “quiet the chatter in our minds”, as a result, we become more focused in our day to day work, we become better listeners, and we become inspired and creative. As we practice deeper, we begin to feel empowered… suddenly… life’s challenges seem to be more easy to deal with as “clarity” begins to reveal itself… we begin to have more “patience” with people as we learn the subtle “art of detachment” as demonstrated through meditation.